Thermal power equipment


For 18 years of work in Belarus, the thermal power equipment department of ZAO ‟Energopro” has implemented thousands of sets of Danfoss equipment to equip thermal points, heating systems, as well as ventilation and air conditioning systems, which are installed and operating successfully throughout the Republic of Belarus.

Danish company Danfoss was founded over 70 years ago. And now it unities dozens of modern enterprises throughout four continents, it also possesses sub companies and sales offices in more than 100 countries.


Thanks to the professionalism of thermal power equipment department of ZAO ‟Energopro”, many Belarusian customers made the choice in favor of ‟Ridan” heat-exchange equipment. A world’s famous ‘Kempinski’ hotel chain is one of them.

Since 2006 ‟Ridan” is a leading manufacturer of dismountable plate exchangers in Russia. Years of experience in heat-exchange equipment manufacturing for Russian external environment allowed ‟Ridan” to ensure high quality, reliability and efficiency in solving any engineering problems.