GEA Polacel

ZAO ‟Energopro” has the exclusivity for supply and maintenance service of ‟GEA POLACEL” equipment over the Republic of Belarus.

As an official partner of corporation ‟GEA” various departments, our company provides successfully and durably supply of individual plants. We also carry out engineering, manufacturing and sale of circulation water unit with water purification and filtration systems, automatic controls, reconstruction and capital improvement of excising cooling towers.

Dutch company ‟GEA POLACEL” is one of the leading European manufacturers of cooling towers. Cooling towers of  ‟GEA POLACEL may be found at largest factories and enterprises all over the world. All the manufactured cooling towers are corrosion-proof, manufactured with armored polymeric materials and stainless steel. Apart from standard cooling towers, ‟GEA POLACEL” company manufactures customized cooling towers, meeting all the Customer’s requirements.