Power Engineering

‟Energopro Engineering” Company was established to develop special projects and new solutions in the area of energy production. It is an official representative of the world's leading companies in the energy sector, such as: Siemens, Wärtsilä, Valmet, KPA Unicon, Eltacon, Aalborg Engineering. Due to long-term cooperation with our foreign partners, experience and competence of our employees, ООО ‟Energopro Engineering” carries out development and project management of the energy efficient production sources, such as:

  • pre-investment study, concept development;
  • development of engineering solutions to build new and capital improvement of the actual CHP and boiler houses, equipment selection;
  • complex technical support activities on project implementation;
  • monitoring and support of design and survey works, construction, installation and commissioning;
  • monitoring and support of transport and logistical operation and certification;
  • fundraising support.

Since 2005 in the territory of the Republic of Belarus over 15 major projects were realized/ are at the stage of realization with participation of our company. And the installed capacity of the generating equipment exceeds 300 MW.

Howden is one of the world leaders in power and industrial equipment, including steam turbines, compressors and regenerative heat exchangers.

Wärtsilä Company (Finland) introduces medium and high power plants based on own produced reciprocating engines.

KPA Unicon

Finnish Company “KPA Unicon” introduces comprehensive solutions of medium and low power boiler houses for conventional and local fuels, as well as a wide range of technical and technological solutions in the area of bioenergy.


Valmet Company provides power boiler plants of medium and high capacity on local fuels (peat, lignite and other solid fuels) and power plant from Finland.

Aalborg Engineering

Danish enterprise Aalborg Engineering has rightly gained the fame through its own energy and industrial oil-and-gas boilers and heat recovery steam generators.

Eltacon Engineering BV

Dutch company Eltacon Engineering provides design, manufacturing and supply of complete gas booster compressor stations and gas treatment systems for industrial and power gas turbines up to 200 MW.